What Kind of Nude Are You?

How to Rock Your Like-Naked Shade

How to Rock Your Like-Naked Shade

Going nude? It can be hard to pull off. And we’re not talking about your birthday suit on a European beach… We’re talking about the skin-toned, neutral trend—from nails to shoes to shapers—it’s everywhere.

There’s a few things to consider before taking the plunge, like surface color, undertone and general complexion. We created a guide to help you sort things out so you can get your nude on!


1. Surface Color

This is what you see when you look in the mirror. It’s determined by how much of pigmentation you have, and is effected by sun exposure. Our new Skinny-Britches like-nakes shades were designed to match a spectrum of women’s surface color skin tones. Find your match!

Very Fair – Fair

You often burn, but it sometimes (?) turns to tan… I mean, “tan” is a relative term, right? A.k.a. your mom made you swim in a t-shirt when you were little.


You sometimes burn – like on that first day of summer, when you accidentally forgot your sunscreen on the Memorial Day beach trip… but after that, you’re good.


You’ve got that natural glow going year-round, you rarely burn and your skin easily darkens in the sun.

Brown-Dark Brown

What’s a burn? Your skin never burns, but tans quickly.


2. Undertones

Now that you’ve determined your surface color, it’s helpful to know your undertone: the subtle coloring beneath your skin regardless of sun exposure. Your undertone determines which colors flatter (or wash out) your complexion – this is clutch when it comes to shopping for clothes, makeup and accessories.

A. What color are your veins? (check the underside of your wrists)?

  • Blue-ish purple = Cool Undertones
  • Greenish = Warm Undertones
  • Can’t tell = Neutral

B. Do you burn or tan?

    • Burn easily, or turn pink? = Cool Undertones
    • Easily tan, and maintain a bronzed look year-round = Warm Undertones

D. Do you easily blush?

    • Yes = Cool Undertones
    • No = Warm Undertones

C. Gold or Silver?

    • Silver = Cool Undertones
    • Gold = Warm Undertones
    • Like them equally = Neutral

E. When do you get the most compliments?

    • Wearing pastels or vibrant, jewel tones such as blues, purples or emerald greens = Cool Undertones
    • Wearing rich, earthy hues such as red, orange, olive-green = Warm Undertones
    • You can wear just about every color = Neutral

F. When do you get the most compliments?

    • Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Hudson, and Amanda Seyfried = Cool Undertones

    • Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Diane Sawyer, and Kim Kardashian = Warm Undertones

    • Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato = Neutral



You’ve determined your skin tone – now follow these tips to find the shades that suit you best.



You have yellow, golden or peach undertones, and look your best wearing earth tones, gold jewelry and foundation/concealer with a yellow or peach-based shades. When choosing make up look for words like: beige, golden, tan, caramel and chestnut.



You have pink or red undertones and make a statement wearing jewel tones, silver jewelry and foundation/concealer with a neutral or pink base. Words like porcelain, rose, sable and cocoa are your go-to.



You have the good fortune of a neutral complexion that can pull off a spectrum of colors – be it clothing, accessories or lipstick. Shades to look for: ivory, buff, nude and praline.